Withdrawal Policy

Students who totally withdraw from the University, for any reason, and it is past the drop/add period, must initiate the Official Withdrawal process by contacting the Center for Academic Enrichment.  A withdrawal from the University is not considered official until the following three required steps are completed: 

  1. Students must obtain an Official Withdrawal form from the Center for Academic Enrichment
  2. Students must speak with a Financial Aid Counselor in Financial Aid
  3. Students must turn in Official Withdrawal form with all required signatures from the above named offices to the Records Office to finalize the withdrawal

This process ensures proper notification of instructors for grading purposes. 

Please note that Official Withdrawals will affect the degree Completion Rate (pace) of the student and may affect their eligibility for financial aid.  Please review the University’s Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy (SAP) at:   


Students who totally withdraw from the University after the drop/add period through 60 percent of the semester will have their tuition prorated.   A federal formula is used to determine the amount of federal financial aid earned by the student, which will be calculated for students who withdraw within 60 percent of the semester based on the percentage of the semester completed.  If the student received less assistance than the amount earned, the student may be able to receive those funds, called a Post Withdrawal Disbursement.  For grant aid, the Post Withdrawal Disbursement will occur within 30 days of the withdrawal date and for aid requiring authorization (loans) a letter requesting the student’s signature will be mailed within 30 days of the withdrawal date. If the student received more assistance than earned, the excess funds must be returned.  The amount of federal financial aid unearned will be deducted from the adjusted tuition amount credited to the student’s account; however, there may be additional institutional charges that were not covered by federal financial aid and will be reflected in the total amount owed by the student.  Students may use the following calculation to estimate the amount of Title IV aid he or she earned prior to the withdrawal date. 

# of days student completed*/ total # of days in period of enrollment = percentage of aid earned

*Scheduled breaks of five or more days will be excluded from calculation

Students who complete an Official Withdrawal after 60 percent of the period of enrollment will not have their tuition adjusted or the federal financial aid received adjusted.  Please note that federal financial aid received may not cover the total amount of institutional charges owed by the student.  Students can review their account balance through their PAWS account. 

Students who complete official withdrawals within 60 percent of the period of enrollment and did not receive federal financial aid will have their tuition prorated based on the day the official withdrawal was initiated by the student through the office of the Center for Academic Enrichment. 

Students who cease attendance from the University during the drop/add period, drop all courses, will receive a 100 percent tuition refund and will be responsible for repaying all of their federal financial aid funds received back to the University. The student is not eligible to receive federal financial aid when they have dropped all courses and no longer attend.  Please review the Financial Aid Policies for more information. 

Students who do not earn any passing grades for the semester (the grade point average for the semester is 0.0) and do not complete the Official Withdrawal process are subject to repayment of the unearned financial aid received.  Students will be notified by letter advising them of the opportunity to prove their attendance after 60 percent of the semester and that any failing grades were earned by providing acceptable documentation before the stated deadline.   Acceptable documentation includes:  graded course work dated passed the 60 percent point of the semester, a letter from a class instructor stating that the student was in attendance after 60 percent of the semester and the failing grade was earned, computer-assisted instruction, and/or other course documentation that clearly states the student’s name and last date of attendance which is passed 60 percent of the semester.  It is the responsibility of the student to provide the requested documentation.  Any documentation received after the deadline will not be accepted unless other written arrangements have been made with a Financial Aid Counselor and it is received five days prior to the deadline established by federal regulations for the return of the federal funds.  Financial Aid is required to return federal financial aid within 45 days from the date the school determined the student may have unofficially withdrawn.  If a student is unable to provide any documentation, an unofficial withdrawal will be processed and a return of federal financial aid received will be based on the midpoint of the period of enrollment.

When a student has not earned all aid and some must be returned, it will be returned by fund type in the following order:


                                                                    i.      Unsubsidized direct loans (other than PLUS loans)

                                                                    ii.     Subsidized direct loans

                                                                    iii.     Federal Perkins loans

                                                                    iv.     Federal Plus loans

                                                                    v.     Federal Pell Grants

                                                                    vi.     Fed SEOG

                                                                    vii.    Federal Teach grants for which a return is required


Exit Counseling

For students who are totally withdrawing or dropping below 6 credits of enrollment from the University - you must also complete Exit Counseling if you have ever borrowed a Stafford or Federal Direct Loan, a Perkins loan, or a TEACH Grant from any educational institution.  Please visit Financial Aid and speak with a Financial Aid Counselor if you are required to complete Perkins Exit Counseling.  (Students seeking information about repayment options, grace periods, and consequences of not repaying your student loan can visit Student Aid on the Web).


Please be aware before making the decision to withdraw from the University that there are resources available on campus that might be able to assist you through whatever issue is preventing you from successfully completing your classes for the semester.