Distance Education

The Office of Extended Studies offers a variety distance education courses for the student who needs flexibility in their schedule. Listed below are types of courses that may be covered by financial aid:

Traditional Courses are offered at various extension sites, which can be viewed on the Extended Studies website. Students may qualify for financial aid while taking these traditional courses as long as they are admitted to the University as a degree-seeking student.

Independent Study Courses are basically home study courses that allow students a great amount of flexibility. Although this is the best method of study for some students, it is important to take note of specific limitations and rules required by the federal government concerning how financial aid is administered:

  • You may only receive financial aid for correspondence courses if you are enrolled in a degree-granting program.
  • A student enrolled solely in correspondence courses cannot be considered more than a half-time student no matter how many credits the student is taking.
  • Students enrolled in correspondence courses are only eligible to receive financial aid to cover the costs of tuition, fees, books, and supplies.
  • Financial aid will only cover courses offered by Colorado State University-Pueblo.
  • Students may only receive Federal Pell Grant disbursements upon completing at least one-half (50%) of their coursework and no later than the last day of the published end of the semester (see Semester Notes).