Debt and Money Management

Effectively managing debt and payment is a crucial skill to master in today’s world. Getting a handle on this early can prevent major financial problems in the future. Borrowing can be one of the most rewarding opportunities in life (e.g. giving you the ability to purchase your first home, etc.), but it can easily turn into the biggest mistake, too. If you borrow, remember it is your responsibility to know the details of your debt and the payments.

Federal Student Loan Repayment Information

There are many resources available to students for information regarding loan repayment. A few select websites and resources are highlighted below that may be useful when entering repayment or for those who want more information about repayment options.

Financial Awareness Counseling Tool

The Financial Awareness Counseling Tool allows students to personalize five interactive modules about loans, budgeting, repayment, default, and financial planning. To import your personal information you will need your Federal Student Aid ID & password. FACT is not required, but is encouraged to provide you with additional information regarding successful repayment of your federal student loans.​​