All About CSU-Pueblo

University Board on Diversity and Equality

University Board on Diversity and Equality  ( – Advises President

Director of Affirmative Action/Diversity


Director of Human Resources

Ralph Jacobs


Provost’s Appointee (from Dean’s Council)

Iver Arnegard

Term ends August 2016

Representative of Academic Council  (Appointed  by the President)

Annie Williams

Term ends August  2016

Classified Staff Representatives (Selecteed by Classified Staff Council)

Geraldine Trujilo

Chris Coca

Term ends August 2015

​Athletics Representative

​Niki Whitaker

​​Term ends August 2015

​Student Life & Development Representative

​Jessica Boynton

​​Term ends August 2016

​Finance & Administration Representative

​Greg Thorsten

​ Term ends August 2015

Unit Representatives (elected by unit)



CEEPS Ranked Faculty

Sue Pettit

Term ends August 2015

CHASS Ranked Faculty            

Collette Carter

Term ends August 2016

CSM Ranked Faculty

Moussa Diawara (Chair)

Term ends August 2016

HSB Ranked Faculty

Hailu Regassa

Term ends August 2015

LIB Representative

Bev Allen

Term ends August 2016

First Student Representative (ASG Member)

Paul Martin

Term ends August 2015

At-Large Student Representative

​Faculty Senate Representative

Mike Mincic

​Term ends August 2015

​Professional Staff Council Representative

Jessica Boynton

​Term ends August 2015

Classified Council Representative

Cheryl Mincic

​Term ends August 2015