University Board on Diversity and Equality

University Board on Diversity and Equality  ( – Advises President

Member Term Expires
Director of Affirmative Action/Diversity (ex-officio)   ex-officio
Director of Human Resources (ex-officio) Ralph Jacobs ex-officio
Representative of Academic Council (appointed by President) Annie Williams Aug-2016
CEEPS ranked faculty  Sue Pettit Aug-2015
CHASS ranked faculty Collette Carter Aug-2016
CSM ranked faculty Moussa Diawara Aug-2016
HSB ranked faculty Hailu Regassa Aug-2015
LIB representative​ Bev Allen Aug-2016
Representative of Classified Council (selected by Classified Staff Council) Cheryl Mincic Aug-2015
​Representatives from Classified Staff  ​Geraldine Trujillo
Representatives from Classified Staff  ​Chris Coca
Athletics representative Niki Whitaker Aug-2015
Student Life and Development representative Jessica Boynton Aug-2016
Finance and Administration representative Greg Thorsten Aug-2015
Professional Staff Council Representative Jessica Boynton Aug-2015
First student representative (ASG member) Paul Martin Aug-2015
At-Large Student Representative (not necessarily ASG member)    
Faculty Senate Representative (elected by Senate - one year term) Mike Mincic Aug-2015
Provost's Appointee Iver Arnegard Aug-2016