Library Board

Library Board ( – advises Dean of Library 

Member Term Expires
Dean of University Library (ex-officio, non-voting) Rhonda Gonzales n/a​
One ASG member (appointed by ASG Senate) Yessenia Estrada Aug-2015
One Graduate Student (appointed by GSB?) Michelle Brown Aug-2015
One Administrative Professional Representative
 (selected by Admin-Pro Council)
Peggy Foley Aug-2015
CEEPS ranked faculty appointed by Dean) Tyrell Smith Aug-2016
CHASS ranked faculty  (appointed by Dean) Joel Johnson  Aug-2015
CSM  ran​​ked faculty appointed by Dean) Jim Louisell Aug-2015
HSB  ranked faculty (appointed by Dean) Ian Brennan Aug-2016
First library faculty (appointed by Dean) Vacant by choice of Library Aug-2016
Second library faculty (appointed by Dean) Sally LaJoie Aug-2015
One at-large  full-time lecturer (elected by Faculty Senate) Vacant    Aug-2015