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Workers Compensation Insurance


Colorado law requires employers to provide workers' compensation insurance for employees who are injured on the job, or contract disease related to their work duties. Such insurance provides for medical treatment and lost wages replacement up to the Average Weekly Wage established annually by the Colorado Department of Labor. 

Colorado State University is insured for workers' compensation under self-insurance maintained by the State of Colorado for all agencies and institutions of the State. Centura Centers for  Occupational Medicine is the claim administrator contracted by the State and all employer (University) responsibilities are handled locally by Environmental Health Services located on campus.

More specific details regarding coverage, reporting requirements for filing claims, and claim forms are under Section 9. of the Human Resources Services Manual. Additional questions should be addressed to Human Resources Department at 719.549.2441


Benefits due an injured employee are mandated by Colorado Statute (8-40-101 CRS et seq). Workers' Compensation insurance covers all University paid employees.

Additionally, student interns, who are serving in an internship at a cooperative agency and who are not receiving any remuneration from the cooperating agency, are also covered. However, if the student intern is receiving any kind of remuneration (including room and/or board) from the host employer, then the intern is entitled to workers' compensation benefits from that host employer. 

By statute, student interns serving in unpaid internships at the University are not provided benefits under Workers' Compensation.

Under the Workers' Compensation Act benefits clearly extend to:




Administrative Professionals 


State Classified Employees 


Student Employees (including work-study students)


Student Interns fulfilling internship at a cooperative agency (not qualified for coverage if remunerated by the cooperative agency.)

Workers Compensation does not extend to:


Students (who are not employed by the University)


Student interns serving in remunerated internships at the University




Visiting Faculty 


Post Doctoral Fellows (unless being remunerated by Colorado State University) 


Independent Contractors 

Those individuals not covered for workers' compensation should be encouraged to provide personal medical insurance coverage for injuries.


All employees in the Pueblo area injured while performing University work responsibilities must be treated medically by one of the University's Designated Medical Providers, St. Mary Corwin Hospital (primary) or Parkview Hospital (critical injuries) in order to receive full workers' compensation insurance for payment of medical treatment. 

For Non- Critical" on-the-job" Injuries/Appointments/Testing: 

Walk-in/Testing/Urgent Care
7 days/week, 24 hours/day
Use Convenient Care/Emergency Department
Centura Health - St. Mary Corwin Medical Center
1008 Minnequa Ave.
Pueblo, CO 81004

Critical Care/Emergency 
7 days/week, 24 hours/day
Use Emergency Department
Parkview Medical Center
400 W. 16th Street
Pueblo, CO 81003

University Primary Care Provider
Centura Centers for Occupational Medicine, CCOM
4112 Outlook Blvd., Suite 37
Pueblo, CO 81008