CSU-Pueblo Alumni Association

Generators Responsibilities

  1. Attend a Hazardous Waste training seminar and complete retraining at least once every twelve (12) months.
  2. Determine if the waste material you generate can be shared, reused, or minimized in the laboratory.
  3. Determine whether the waste may be disposed to the sanitary sewer system or the landfill LEGALLY. Please contact EHS at 719.549.2747 for information on what can and cannot be disposed of in this manner.
  4. If the waste cannot be recycled or disposed to the sewer or landfill treat it as hazardous waste.
  5. Label hazardous waste properly with the following:
  • Complete chemical description of the material (NO ABBREVIATIONS).
  • Quantity of the waste.
  • Name and department of the generator.
  • Accumulation start date (the date when the material was first declared a waste.
  • The words: HAZARDOUS WASTE.
  1. Close the container and store the waste in a secure satellite accumulation area which is registered with Environmental Health Services (EHS). (All containers must be in good condition and compatible with their contents.)
  2. Complete the Request For Disposal Form online!
  3. Inspect the satellite accumulation area weekly and record the results of the inspection in a notebook at the storage location.
  4. Review your procedures to see how the waste may be minimized in the future.
  5. Spread the word. Encourage responsible waste management.