Using Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguisher training now available!

The following will provide information on fire extinguisher types and their proper use. Only use an extinguisher to fight your way "out" of fire, or to contain a very small and manageable fire. Never attempt to contain a large blaze or full fire yourself. Your first priority is your safety. It is best to set-up an extinguisher-use training session for you, your lab, class or your employees before you find yourself in the position to use one. Note the locations of extinguishers in your area. If you are responsible for a specific area, ensure that the extinguishers are fully charged. Also note the type of extinguisher and its proper use. Click here to view fire extinguisher types.

Before attempting to extinguish a small fire, yell for help. Sound a nearby alarm or ask someone nearby to do so.

To use an extinguisher, you must first remove the safety pin. Then aim the nozzle at the base of the fire and use large side-to-side sweeping motions. Never aim at the top of a fire. This will cause the flames to come back at you! Approach the fire from a safe distance and work toward it gradually. Portable extinguishers contain only limited quantities of extinguishing materials. They don’t last forever! So, remember to keep an exit at your back to avoid trapping yourself.