Imminently Dangerous Students

Services to Imminently Dangerous Students

In managing cases where imminent danger to a student or someone else is at issue, Counseling Center's professional staff will act to minimize the danger in consultation with their center colleagues.  Should center colleagues be unavailable, staff will seek professional consultation with other colleagues.

In keeping with professional ethics codes and legal requirements, maintaining the safety of students and others takes precedence over maintaining the confidentiality of clients.  Even so, in the event of a necessary disclosure of confidential information, only information vital to contributing to safety will be disclosed, and then only to persons in a position to make appropriate use of the information. 

In most circumstances, the Dean of Student Life and the families of significantly suicidal or dangerous students will be notified of the situation so that they can provide support and help in making decisions about the student.  The rationale for notifying or not notifying the deans and families in these circumstances will be carefully documented in students’ files.  The deans will contact families of suicidal or dangerous students unless the counselor involved has a previous relationship with the family.

Careful and prompt documentation will be made of consultations secured and steps taken to minimize danger.


Whenever applicable, Counseling Center's staff will implement the Protocol for Suicide Gesture or Threat.