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Colorado State University-Pueblo’s Office of External Affairs plays a leading role in the development of CSU-Pueblo’s web​ presence. Jeff Miller, the University’s Web Communications Manager facilitates the continuing evolution of CSU-Pueblo’s use of the web through:

    • Definition and maintenance of the content, look and navigation of CSU-Pueblo’s web sites and internet presence.
    • The graphic standards for the web: Offering advice and information, keeping them up to date and monitoring implementation. The Office of External Affairs is the approving authority on the interpretation of the standards.
    • Coordination of major online university initiatives. Current projects include the implementation of a new Common Look and Feel across the network of CSU-Pueblo websites, increasing the University’s web presence through the use of social networking and online video websites such as YoutTube.edu and Youniversity.com.
    • Communication and training with CSU-Pueblo’s webmasters. Meetings will be organized at least twice a year to offer opportunities for CSU-Pueblo webmasters to bring forward ideas, share information about individual initiatives and stay informed on the latest developments.
    • Optimize the University’s websites for search engine optimization and constantly track the website performance through the use of website analytics and tracking software.

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