External Websites Guidelines

CSU-Pueblo Approved Colors:

Color Usage

The designated colors for Colorado State University-Pueblo are an integral part of the graphic identity and help to define our branded image.

  • It is important to use only the colors on this page. 
  • The Primary Color blue must be an integral part of every color publication. 
  • Blue should be a prominent color on the front cover of any color publication.
  • These should be the dominant colors integrated throughout any communication with Blue PMS 281 being the predominant color on the front cover of any publication.

Accent Colors are not intended to be used as primary colors, but applied in moderation to enhance design. Colleges or units in the University may also use the Color Palette to further distinguish themselves. Please consult
External Affairs if you have specific questions concerning the application of the Accent Colors.

Background Colors

For backgrounds, use Light Khaki PMS 7527, Light Gray 15% Black, or Light Blue PMS 278 at 70%.

Pantone® Color Formula Guide

Pantone Matching System (PMS) assures color matching across several product lines. It is the standard used in the printing industry. Each PMS color is created from various combinations of the colors cyan, magenta,
yellow, and black or CMYK .

Note: Red or Dark Red should not be screened to any percentage. Red turns pink when screened and contrasts with the recommended color palette.

Primary Colors: 

CSU-Pueblo BlueBlue PMS 281
C:100 M:72 Y:0 K:32
CSU-Pueblo RedRed PMS 186
C:0 M:100 Y:81 K:4

Accent Colors:

Light YellowLight Yellow PMS 120
C:0 M:9 Y:58 K:0

Light BlueLight Blue PMS 278
C:39 M:14 Y:0 K:0

OrangeOrange PMS 152
C:0 M:64 Y:100 K:0

GreenGreen PMS 364
C:65 M:0 Y:100 K:42

Dark OrangeDark Orange PMS 471
C:0 M:59 Y:100 K:18

PurplePurple PMS 5115
C:75 M:100 Y:70 K:20

Dark RedDark Red PMS 201
C:0 M:100 Y:63 K:29

KhakiKhaki PMS 7528
C:0 M:3 Y:10 K:10

Dark GrayDark Gray PMS Black 80%
C:0 M:0 Y:0 K:80

Dark KhakiDark Khaki PMS 7531
C:0 M:10 Y:27 K:50

CSU-Pueblo Official Logos:

A strong visual identity, one that projects a clear and consistent image, can positively affect attitudes and opinions. Logos, when used correctly and consistently, will help strengthen the University’s identity and distinguish it from other colleges and universities. CSU-Pueblo Official Logos

CSU-Pueblo Fonts and Usage:

Equally important to brand presentation is the consistent use of designated type families. Font will always be set using either the Galaxie Polaris or Adobe Caslon Pro family of types.

Optional Font Design Element
The Confidential font may be used as a design element within communication pieces. It is not to be used as body copy but may be introduced as a border or divider between images. It is meant as a design accent and should be used sparingly.

Writing and Copy Development:

Copy and content also should reflect the University’s brand attributes by being smart, targeted, and positive. Grammar, punctuation, and spelling should follow the Associated Press Stylebook (www.apstylebook.com).

Usage and Writing Style

External Affairs has a comprehensive Usage and Writing Style Sheet that address editorial questions specific to the University. The following excerpt addresses the usage of the Colorado State University‐Pueblo name. Contact External Affairs for a complete version of the Style Sheet.

When writing the University‘s full name or truncated version, there are no spaces between Colorado State University or CSU and Pueblo.

Using the University’s Name

Apply the following when writing about the University.

  • On first reference of the University name in copy, ALWAYS use Colorado State University–Pueblo. On subsequent references, CSU‐Pueblo or University may be used.
  • The word “university” on second or subsequent reference is capitalized when referring to CSU‐Pueblo, but not when used as a general term.
  • When writing the University‘ full name or truncated version, there are no spaces before or after the hyphen between Colorado State University/CSU and Pueblo.
  • The use of “CSU-P” is not allowed as a reference to the University.

Approach to Copy

Our mission is to develop relationships with prospective and existing students, alumni, donors, legislators, and any other stakeholders who come in contact with the University.

The copy needs to relay a type of dialogue or conversation, as if you were in the same room together. To that end, we will largely employ the present tense and “us,” “our(s),” and “we” to refer to CSU-Pueblo and “you” and “your(s).”

Example of Copy Technique and Tone

Live here.
We invite you to live, learn, and enjoy opportunities of a lifetime with us at CSU-Pueblo. Living on campus can be one of the most enriching experiences of your life. And it’s a great way to ensure success. In fact, students who live in residence halls are more likely to:

  • Complete college
  • Graduate in four years
  • Develop better study habits
  • Achieve a higher grade point average

There’s no shortage of rewards to living on campus!

Learn here. Play here.
Campus life offers you an opportunity to participate in organized hall activities, exciting on-campus events, vibrant organizations, competitive athletic programs, arts and culture, and much more.