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Graphic Standards

Official University logo

Color Application and Usage
CSU-Pueblo Official Logo
A strong visual identity, one that projects a clear and consistent image, can positively affect attitudes and opinions. Logos, when used correctly and consistently, will help strengthen the University’s identity and distinguish it from other colleges and universities. The official logo must appear in a prominent position on the front of all CSU-Pueblo communications. The logo can appear in blue Blue PMS 281, 100 percent black or white. The logo should not appear in Red PMS 186 or any Accent Colors.

The logo must be incorporated into all CSU-Pueblo communications without exception. It is unacceptable to change any aspect of the logo or to recreate the logo. It must be applied consistently and within the guidelines outlined in this document.  Never place the logo in front of a busy pattern. The clarity of the logo is important. The logo should be placed over a contrasting color or over a photograph in areas of consistent color or low contrast. The requested trademark TM symbol must always appear with the logo.Isolation Area

Isolation Area
In all applications, the CSU-Pueblo’s logo should be surrounded by adequate clear space. A minimum distance of 1/4” (1/8” for reversed logo in box) must be allowed above, below, and to the sides of the logo. Maintaining this distance will ensure the logo is not crowded by or linked to other visual elements. At no time should copy or other art fall into this clear area.

Size Limitation
To ensure readability, never reproduce the CSU-Pueblo’s logo smaller than .885” in width. Large formats require vector files (Adobe Illustrator). Do not scale up a rasterized logo, it will lose resolution and look pixilated. The size ratio must remain the same. In other words, the logo cannot be stretched, squeezed, or altered in any way.

Logo Assistance
If you have questions about how to correctly apply the logo whether placement, color, or sizing contact External Affairs at 719.549.2810.  There is only one official logo of the University. No other logos should be used on University marketing and communications materials unless there is express authorization by External Affairs. Contact External Affairs before considering logo or graphic icon development.







Other University marks


CSU-Pueblo Wolf Graphic
CSU-Pueblo Wolf LogoThis mark may be applied to promotional items only and noncritical communications and printed in black only, blue only (PMS 281), or in a two-color format of red (PMS 186) and blue (PMS 281) as indicated. The Wolf Head may be used in isolation as long as the official University logo also appears on the same page or specialty item. Presidential, admissions, academic, and other official communications must use the University logo.

CSU-Pueblo ThunderWolves graphic
This mark includes the Wolf Head with the ThunderWolves mascot and printed in black only, blue only (PMS 281), or in a twocolor format and other official communications must use the University logo.

University Seal
CSU-Pueblo SealThe University Seal is reserved for presidential and other official communications. The seal may be used only with prior permission from External Affairs 719.549.2810.