Colorado State University - Pueblo provides SALT free to its students and alumni

Colorado State University - Pueblo provides SALT free to its students and alumni

PUEBLO – If the word “debt” makes you break into a sweat, or you avoid the topic altogether, it’s time to face the music. But the good news is, you don’t have to face it alone.

Colorado State University-Pueblo has become one of about 200 higher education institutions nationwide and one of only two in Colorado that have teamed up with SALT™, a financial education resource created by the nonprofit American Student Assistance®, to empower students and recent graduates to take control of their student loan debt on a practical, day-to-day level. CSU-Pueblo and Metro State University of Denver are the only two campuses in Colorado to offer this free service to its students and alumni.

“When managed properly, student debt is a wise investment in the future and the foundation for building good credit,” said Sean McGivney, CSU-Pueblo Director of Admission and Financial Aid.  “Where students run into trouble is when they don’t have the proper information or skills to make financial decisions in their best interest. We’ve partnered with SALT to ensure our students and alumni have support every step of the way as they navigate paying for college and repaying student loans.”

SALT, available online at, is a multichannel educational program that teaches students and alumni how to borrow less for college, borrow the right types of loans, make repayment stress-free, and build money skills for life. CSU-Pueblo’s program combines online and offline interactions to deliver decision support, engaging content, and one-on-one loan repayment guidance in a simple, useful, and motivating experience.

SALT services are provided free of charge to students and alumni whose higher education institutions participate in the program. Multiple stakeholders interested in student success—including federal or state government, colleges and universities, foundations or other nonprofit organizations, and corporate sponsors—all contribute to the overall cost of delivering the service.

While the student loan information is a major portion of what it offers, current and future modules will include everything from financial literacy to searches for scholarships and internships as well as local and national discounts and deals with partnering organizations like Dell, etc.  Finally, there is assistance and outreach to our students who have borrowed student loans – tools that allow them to import their loan information and calculate their specific payments, repayment options, and gives them access to professional loan counselors if they have questions or need help dealing with their loan lender(s).

While a college degree has never been more valuable than in today’s global economy, student debt is a trillion dollar issue that is slowing our nation’s economic recovery. Approximately 12 million students borrow for college each year, but many borrow more than they need, choose loans that don’t offer the best consumer protections, or fail to take advantage of the many available programs to make repayment more manageable. As a result, as much as 30 percent of the nation’s 37 million student loan borrowers are delinquent on payment 90 days or more—unable to buy homes, cars, or any other consumer purchases typically associated with starting out in life. More than 3,000 CSU-Pueblo students annually utilize student loans to finance their education.

“We recognize that loans are a reality for some of our students,” said McGivney. “We want to alleviate their burden by ensuring they have the proper support network to face the debt head-on, make wiser decisions, and take advantage of existing remedies.”

For more information, contact Financial Aid Counselor Derek Moore at 719-549-2753 or or visit, or follow SALT at or @SALT_Money on Twitter.

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