Colorado State University - Pueblo announces 2013 state History Day qualifiers

Colorado State University - Pueblo announces 2013 state History Day qualifiers

PUEBLO – For the 19th straight year, the History Department at Colorado State University-Pueblo hosted the Southeastern Colorado History Day and announces qualifiers to the Colorado History Day State Competition in Denver in May.  

Approximately 250 students competed in this event where middle and high school students from southeastern Colorado research and create projects based on an annual theme, Turning Points in History; People, Places & Events, on March 9 on the CSU-Pueblo campus with special awards presented to students who display excellence based on theme or specifications of awards.


The following special awards were presented to:


Best Addresses/Utilizes the Steelworkers Museum of Industry & Culture sponsored by the Bessemer Historical Society


Bessemer Process: Turn Key to the Industrial Revolution

       Su LanMair, Anthony Laner, Juliet Chi, and Nicole Wood, Connect Charter


Ludlow: Turning a Public Disaster into a Labor Relations Victory

 Calisse Burand, Emma Robinson, and Isabella Vasile, Connect Charter

Special Judges’ Award sponsored by Anonymous Historian

To Be a Miss America You Must Have the Past Knowledge of a Miss America
 Madison Cole, Bari Agnes, Christina Aragon, and Quincey Spinuzzi, Pueblo West High School


Best Project on Military History sponsored by the Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum

African-American Soldiers of the 54th Massachusetts: Warriors for the Cause         
Morgan Hager, David Shipley, Luke Mayes, and Sheridan Reed, Connect


Best Addresses the Events of September 11, 2001 as related to the Values of Honor, Integrity, and Patriotism sponsored by the Center for American Values

How 9/11 Became a Turning Point in History, Annette Torres, Manzanola Junior High

Best Addresses United States Military Service as Related to the Values of Honor, Integrity, and Patriotism by the Center for American Values                                                      Saratoga: Revolutionaries to Evolutionaries                                                                           Steven Malouff, La Junta High School


Best Addresses Westward Expansion Through the Lives of Pioneers as Related to the Values of Honor, Integrity, and Patriotism by the Center for American Values

The Lewis and Clark Expedition: A Turning Point in the Journey to the Northwest 
Jonathan Arnott, Logan Castro, Ian Parker, and Danny Sun, Connect

The following students are the winners in the Junior and Senior Divisions – Regional History Day Competition who advance to the state competition the University of Denver on May 4. The top two state qualifiers in each category (about 60 students) are invited to the National History Day competition at the University of Maryland near Washington, D. C. where they will compete with students from across the nation.

Junior Division Paper – Individuals

1st        Bethany Kwitek,  Connect Charter School, Eli Whitney Adds Teeth to the Cotton Gin: The South is Reborn

2nd      Abbie Ridpath, Connect, Hershey Fuels the Fight: Chocolate Wins the War

3rd       Riley Davis, Connect Charter School, From Crop Duster to Airline: A Turning Point in Aviation

Senior Division Paper – Individuals

1st        Mandy Jebe, La Junta High School, The Dirty Thirties

2nd        Steven Malouff, La Junta High School, Saratoga: Revolutionaries to Evolutionaries

No third place given

Junior Division – Documentary – Individual

1st       Levi Muniz, Connect Charter, The Erie Canal: From Land to Water, A turning Point in Trade and Travel

2nd      Tony Sun, Connect Charter, A Turning Point in Achieving Manifest Destiny: Lewis and Clark Unlock the American West

3rd        James Kunstle, Connect Charter, Music Goes Electric

Senior Division – Documentary – Individual

1st        Wesley Hermes, Pueblo West High School, Turning Points in History: The Assembly Line

2nd        Samuel Samberson, Pueblo West High School, The Beginning of Aviation

3rd        Anthony Malloy, Pueblo West High School, Civil Rights

Junior Division- Documentary – Group

1st       Dyna Arriaga and Cara Siegel, Connect Charter, America Strikes it Rich! The California Gold Rush, A Turning Point of the West

2nd        Austin Clementi and Chris Low, Connect Charter, Beatle Mania: The Transformation of American Rock N Roll

3rd       Alyssa Marino and Freia Siegel, Connect Charter, The Turning Point in the Conservation of Western Land: The Once Hidden Wonder of Yellowstone Transformed into a National Park

Senior Division- Documentary – Group

1st        Jack Johnson and Eric Sun, Pueblo West High School, The Atomic Bomb: A Race to End if All

2nd        Daniel Hernandez and Tomas Bernal, Pueblo West High School, Psycho; A Turning Point in Film History

3rd        Hannah Herr, Madison Bodmer, Skye Hinkley, Sarah Rhodes, and Hannah Gridley, Pueblo West High School, Apollo 11

Junior Division – Exhibits - Individual
1st        Gabby Taylor, Connect, Private Eye: Pinkerton’s Groundwork in Criminal Investigation

2nd      Bryce Hill, Connect, Lighting Up Chicago: The Rise of Alternating Current

3rd        Alissa Montoya, Connect, The Day the Atlantic Dried Up: The completion of the Transatlantic Cable

Senior Division – Exhibits - Individual
1st       Angelica Blass, Pueblo West High School, A Turning Point in History: During and After               the Berlin Wall

2nd      Kyla Kiniston, Pueblo West High School, Sacco and Vanzetti: The Trial that Shocked        America

3rd        Megan Vaught, Pueblo West High School, Margaret Sanger

Junior Division – Exhibits - Group (All from Connect Charter School)

1st       Su LanMair, Anthony Laner, Juliet Chi, and Nicole Wood, Bessemer Process: Turn Key   to the Industrial Revolution

2nd      Paul Gornick, Jonny Lynch, Seth Alber, and Ray Campbell, Gutenberg’s Press: The First             Information Revolution

3rd       Francisco Jiminez, Brandon Pruden, and Ryan Miller, Pinkerton Agency: Private Eye        Turns into New Eye                         --more--


Senior Division – Exhibits – Group

1st        Ali Doyle and lea Rae Cassidy, Pueblo West High School, The Little Rock Nine: The         Road to an Integrated Society

2nd        Tanner Snyder, Sheridan Sumouske, Serena McCown, Shane Murtha, and Alexis Romero, Pueblo West High School, Flappers: A New American Woman

3rd        Ryan Boltz and Justus Bernal, Pueblo West, The Political Dr. Seuss

Junior Division – Web Page – Individual
1st       Maya Duran, Pueblo School for Arts and Sciences, The Pill
2nd      Lauren Kleven, Connect, John Brown Polarizes the North and South: The Raid Against     Harpers Ferry

3rd       Joel Quizon, Connect, One Man’s Heartfelt Decision: The Rise of the South

Junior Division – Web Page – Group
1st       Marcus Rodrigues and Sam Cabrera, Connect Charter, The Woman and the Wall: Spreading Art into Education

2nd      Parker Marino and Brandon Finegold, Connect Charter, Barbie: A Turning Point for Young Women

3rd        Jacque Henderson and Delaney McCafferty, Connect Charter, Grant US Victory: The Union Turns the Tide

Senior Division – Web Page – Individual

1st        Shelby Smith, Pueblo West High School, DDT: The “Silent” Poison

Senior Division – Web Page – Group

1st        Luke Howe;Kerr, Gracyn Wistoski, Miranda Coxen, and Greg Wakefield, Pueblo West High School, Woodstock Music and Art Fair: The Concert that Revolutionized a Generation



Senior Division – Web Page – Group (cont.)

2nd        Ryan Tseng and Sydney Baysinger, Pueblo West High, The Apple Company: Changing Communication One Click at a Time

3rd        Julia Moore, Caitlynn Swedensky, Samantha Caricato, and Makayla Martinez, Pueblo West High, The March on Washington: 200,000 March for One Cause

Junior Division   - Individual Performances

1st        Ian Miles, Connect Charter, Ludlow: Turning the National Guard into Guns for Hire

2nd      Courtney Mascarenas, Connect Charter, The Entitlement of the People: The Bill of Rights Protecting Civil Liberties

Junior Division   - Group Performances

1st       Tessa Ivan and Veda Bigley, Connect, We Hold These Truths to be Self Evident: Over 200 Years of Civil Liberties

2nd      Calisse Burand, Emma Robinson, and Isabella Vasile, Connect, Ludlow: Turning a Public Disaster into a Labor Relations Victory

3rd        Samantha Hamill and Amanda Rodrigues, Connect, Carnegie: Turning Profits into Philanthropy

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