Colorado State University-Pueblo Announces 2013 Math Day Competition Results

Colorado State University-Pueblo Announces 2013 Math Day Competition Results
PUEBLO - The Department of Mathematics and Physics at Colorado State University-Pueblo has announced the results from the 36th Annual Math Day Swanson and Math Bowl competitions, held on campus Thursday, Nov. 21. More than 130 students from 12 high schools participated in Math Day activities, including Rampart, Coronado, Doherty, Pine Creek, Canon City, Pueblo East, Pueblo Central, La Junta, Swink, Rangely, Kim, and Crowley County.
In addition to participating in the competitions, students were able to visit biology, chemistry, engineering, physics, and physiology laboratories and demonstrations.
The Math Bowl Competition requires two three-person teams to go head-to-head in a 15-minute race for points.  Each team alternately is given a mathematical question and has 25 seconds to respond.  The team with the most points then goes to the semi-final round to determine the winner. Winning teams proceed through the bracket to the final round.
The 2013 Math Bowl winner is Rampart High School, featuring team members Yue Niu, Forest Kunkel, and Li Qian Peng.  Rangely High School placed second with team members Andrew Morton, Chelsea Ficken, and Tessa Slagle.  Semifinalists were Pueblo East High School with team members Lange Simmons, Demetri Samaras, and Matthew Montgomery, and Swink High School with team members Torrey Davis, Marie Mora-Menges, and Becca Smith.  Consolation went to Coronado High School with team members Sara Del Valle, Kaitlyn Enright, and Basia Kania.
The Swanson Competition was named after Clarence Swanson, a long-time chair of the math department.  The in-depth, problem-solving, written test offers students from Southern Colorado high schools the opportunity to vie for six trophies.  Of the 133 students to take the exam, the top six contestants are listed below in rank order with the highest listed first followed by the student’s high school:
1.  Li Qian Peng                                                          Rampart High School
2.  Yue Niu                                                                 Rampart High School
3.  Emma Chesire                                                        Doherty High School
4.  Alex Knoedler                                                       Canon City High School
5.  Benjamin Shoeman                                                Canon City High School
6.  Forest Kunkel                                                        Rampart High School
The following Swanson Competition contestants earned honorable mention.  The students are listed by home town, then alphabetically by last name followed by their high schools:
Canon City
Shea Claflin                                                                Canon City High School
Melinda Dome                                                            Canon City High School
Cassie Giammo                                                           Canon City High School
Kayla Guana                                                               Canon City High School
Shelby Swan                                                               Canon City High School
Colorado Springs
Zachary Alhamra                                                        Pine Creek High School
Sara Del Valle                                                             Coronado High School
Kaitlyn Enright                                                           Coronado High School
Tabitha Kalin                                                              Pine Creek High School
Michael Kempton                                                       Doherty High School
Isabel Song                                                                 Pine Creek High School
Matthew Montgomery                                                Pueblo East High School
Lange Simmons                                                          Pueblo East High School
Andrew Morton                                                          Rangely High School
Torrey Davis                                                               Swink High School
Mlada Guseva                                                             Swink High School

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