Colorado State University - Pueblo ranks safest in state in recent 10-year crime study

Colorado State University - Pueblo ranks safest in state in recent 10-year crime study

PUEBLO – A report released in February by the Durango Herald based upon a 10-year compilation of crime statistics on Colorado college campuses shows Colorado State University-Pueblo to be among the safest in the state.

All colleges and universities that participate in federal financial-aid programs are required to keep and disclose crime statistics as part of the federal Clery Act, enacted in 1990. The annual report tracks the following offenses:  homicides, sexual assaults, robberies, aggravated assaults, burglaries, arsons, motor-vehicle thefts, liquor-law violations, drug-law violations and illegal-weapon possessions.

The Durango Herald compiled 10 years of statistical information to compare colleges across Colorado by using reports that are available online through the U.S. Department of Education.  The analysis was limited to 10 four-year, public schools that offer student residential housing. For each school, annual statistics were added by category, divided by 10 (the number of years), divided by the average institution size, and multiplied by 1,000 for the average annual number of violations per 1,000 students.

CSU-Pueblo ranked lowest in 6 of the 7 categories rated among the 10 schools. CSU-Pueblo had the lowest average annual rates over 10 years in drug arrests per 1,000 students  (1), forced sexual assault (.23), burglary (1.4), weapons possession (.03), aggravated assaults (.15), and arson (.08). The University was second from the bottom of the list for liquor violations (5).

“It’s significant that the study spans 10 years,” according to Pueblo County Sheriff Kirk Taylor, “because it proves the safety of the campus is not a flash in the pan or coincidence related to one year’s worth of statistics.”

In 2003, CSU-Pueblo began a relationship with the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Department (PCSD) to provide law enforcement services. However, their presence on campus is more than law enforcement as Sheriff deputies are hired to be a part of the daily function of the university by utilizing a more community-oriented policing strategy. The deputies are involved with student organizations and interact with students on a daily basis.
“Law enforcement is only as good as the community,” Taylor said. “And CSU-Pueblo has great students, faculty, and an administration. These figures are a testament to the CSU-Pueblo students and the relationship the PCSD has with CSU-Pueblo leadership.”

Sheriff Taylor added that the PCSD and the University have continuously looked for ways to enhance safety and security measures, such as the addition of the emergency text system, new lighting, and installation of blue box phones across campus.

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