Colorado State University - Pueblo presents Mayan Calendar discussion with Elder

Colorado State University - Pueblo presents Mayan Calendar discussion with Elder

PUEBLO – Mayan Elder Miguel Angel Chiquin will discuss the Mayan Calendar and the implications of the year 2012 at Colorado State University-Pueblo at 7 p.m. on Monday, March 12 in the Occhiato University Center Underground on the lower level. The event is sponsored by the Student Activities and the Abuelos Y Abuelas De Pueblo Council in Pueblo.

Miguel Angel Chiquin, known as the “Abuelo Maya” (Maya Grandfather), is the unofficial ambassador of the Maya in the United States and the founder of the Organization of Maya People in Exile, based in South Florida, which produces radio programs in the Maya language to foster the traditions and beliefs of that culture.

On Saturday, March 10, he will speak at the Unitarian Universalist Church, 110 S. LaCrosse Ave from 3-5 p.m. by donation only. Abuelo Miguel also will provide personal energy readings on March 11 and 12 for a minimum of $25 donation for a 20-minute reading. Abuelo will calculate your 4 Mayan Life Energies according to your birth date.  For those who already have received their 4 Life Energies in a reading, readings will be available for questions and additional guidance accordingly but you must bring your 4 energies with you in order for your questions to be answered.  Those interested should contact Katherine Gomez, coordinator, at (719) 565-0463 to schedule an appointment.

A native of Copala, Guatemala, Miguel Angel is a spiritual guide and keeper of wisdom related to the basic tenets of Mayan Spirituality. These include their calendar for 2012, the 20 cosmic forces called naguales of which the Universe is created and the vital importance of understanding the four forces, also called energies, which can inform you of your truest self and your purpose. 

"By sharing the traditional stories and teachings of the Mayan grandfathers and grandmothers it is hoped that a new understanding of the Mayan philosophy will be obtained by attendees,”  added Chiquin. “The Mayan community does not speak of the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012 as the end of the world, but rather that we are entering the calendar of the 5th Sun."  "Our goal is to share a message of transformation and dispel any negative rumors concerning the year 2012."
Mayan spirituality is very important to all of humanity as we approach the opening of the New Calendar in 2013, it's important to bring the message from the Supreme Council of Mayan elders on how to prepare ourselves for this time."  The vision of Journey to the 5th Sun - A Mayan New Year Celebration on Wednesday, February 22, 2012,  A Mayan Fire Ceremony to be held in the Denver area is to celebrate and illuminate the community about the ancient knowledge base of the Ah Kin Mai (teachers/healers) of the Mayan nations. The Mayan concepts of the natural world and mankind's role in the cosmos has been often times misunderstood by non Mayan peoples.

He will discuss the implications of 2012 relative to the Mayan Calendar, including the six Knots energy vortexes, which are opening now resulting in upheaval all over the world - fires, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, flooding, and how we can pool our energies to help balance these occurrences.  He will also present new information on the arrival of the Calendar Count in 2013 and what we need to do to prepare for this great encounter..

 No photographs, video or audio recordings are allowed before and during the lectures. Photographs with permission may be requested after the lectures. 

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