Colorado State University - Pueblo offers Zymurgy Institute 6.0 with Pikes Peak Brewing

Colorado State University - Pueblo offers Zymurgy Institute 6.0 with Pikes Peak Brewing

PUEBLO – The Division of Continuing Education at Colorado State University-Pueblo will offer its sixth Zymurgy Institute with hands-on brewery experiences in the science of fermentation and advanced brewing techniques at Pikes Peak Brewing Company in Monument with 10 different style sessions this February through July.

 The Institute began in 2009 with lecture-only sessions in the Bristol Brewing Company tasting room, then evolved through advanced brewing sessions in the University’s chemistry labs in 2011, and now will run at Pikes Peak Brewing Company for 2012. According to Dean of Extended Studies Dr. James Malm, the name of the series, Zymurgy Institute, comes from zymurgy, the branch of applied chemistry that deals with fermentation processes, as in brewing beer.
Advanced brewing classes are scheduled every other Saturday afternoon after a Wednesday evening lecture and post-fermentation bottling sessions.  Each style series will meet three times over a two-week period beginning with a Wednesday evening session to design the beer recipe and familiarize the students with the Brew Magic VS350 all-grain infusion mash pilot brewing system, followed the next Saturday afternoon by a session to produce the wort and start the fermentation and finishing two weeks later on Wednesday evening to package the product. Upon completion of all the style series, the ZI 6.0 faculty, staff and students will host a covered dish dinner/beer tasting experience to end the Institute in early autumn.

The tentative schedule of the style sessions, including dates and times at Pikes Peak Brewing Company, is listed below:

Class Style Topics & Schedule: (Saturday Brewing Sessions: 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Wednesday Intro/Bottling: 7 to 9 p.m.)
Session 6.2 - Steam Beer: February 22, 25, March 14
Session 6.3 - Octoberfest: Mar. 14, 17, 28
Session 6.4 - Kolsh: Mar. 28, 31, Apr 11
Session 6.5 - Belgian Wit: Apr. 11, 14, 25
Session 6.6 - Belgian Saison: Apr. 25, 28, May 9
Session 6.7 - American Pale Ale: May 9, 12, 23
Session 6.8 - Oatmeal Stout: May 23, 26, Jun 13
Session 6.9 - India Pale Ale: Jun. 13, 16, 27
Session 6.10 - Imperial Russian Stout: Jun. 27, 30, Jul. 11
Session 6.11 – German Pilsner: July 11, 14, 25

Individual style sessions cost $125 each, or $999 for all 10 sessions. Interested individuals may register online at our website.

Contact Dr. James Malm ( or 719-322-3933) for more information.

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