Colorado State University - Pueblo announces 2011 state History Day qualifiers

Colorado State University - Pueblo announces 2011 state History Day qualifiers

PUEBLO – For the 18th straight year, the History Department at Colorado State University-Pueblo hosted the Southeastern Colorado History Day and announces qualifiers to the Colorado History Day State Competition in Denver in May.  
The competition, Debate and Diplomacy in History: Successes, Failures, and Consequences, was held March 5 on the CSU-Pueblo campus with special awards presented to students who display excellence based on theme or specifications of awards. The following awards were presented to:

• WOMEN’S STUDIES AWARD -  Sponsored by CSU-Pueblo Women’s Studies Dept.,
Leah Drummond, Jenett Watkins, Randi Gardner, Jalyn Perkins, Pueblo West High School for Women’s Fashion
• CHICANO STUDIES AWARD -  Dakotah Gallardo – Cesar Chavez, The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
•  STEELWORKERS LOCAL 2102 LABOR AWARD – Kaeloni Meier, Emily Zinanti, Anthony Montoya, Jacob Warren, Connect Charter School, Coal Strike of 1902: Shuttle Diplomacy Secures Essential Energy
The following students are the winners in the Junior and Senior Divisions – Regional History Day Competition who advance to the state competition:
Junior Division Paper – Individuals
1st Emily Perez, Connect Charter School, The Civil Rights Act of 1964: A Controversial Debate for Racial Equality
2nd  Desmond Clevinger, Connect Charter School, The March on Washington: 200,000 Hushed Voices

3rd  Sarina Slate, Connect Charter School, The Montgomery Bus Boycott 1955-1956: A Catalyst that Ended Segregation in More places than One

Senior Division Paper – Individuals
1st   Rachel Jankelow, Pueblo West High School, Civil Rights Movement
Junior Division – Web Page – Individual
1st   Desarae Cruz Cesar Chavez, Upton Sinclair and Meat Packing
2nd  Dakotah Gallardo, Cesar Chavez, Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
3rd   Adnan Syed, Cesar Chavez, The Partition of Pakistan and India

Junior Division – Web Page – Group
1st   Nic Hannan and Vince Parker , Connect Charter Academy, Unit 731: Secret of Secrets
2nd  Maddie Baysinger and Haley Lang, Connect Charter Academy, The Los Angeles Race Riot: Was America Blinded by Selfishness
3rd  Sara Gama and Delaney Collier, Connect Charter Academy, The Donner Party: The Cost of Greed
Senior Division – Web Page – Group
1st Collin Miller, Nick Hill, and Jacob Wilkinson, Pueblo West High School, Atomic Bomb
Junior Division   - Performances
1st  Kayla Cata, Lizzy Manguso, Connect Charter School, The Molly McGuire: The Rigged Debate
2nd  Winter Roybal, Jessica Hall, Connect Charter School, The Collapse of Diplomacy: The Entrapment of the Nez Perce Nation

Senior Division   - Performances
1st  Thomas Sloan, Pueblo West High School, Civil Disobedience
2nd  Brandon Priest, Leah Robinson, Isaac Torres, Manzanola High School, Sarah Palin and   Joe Biden Debate

Junior and Senior Division – Documentary – Individual
1st  Jackson Reed,  Connect Charter Academy, Ben Franklin’s Diplomatic Relations with   France
2nd  Danica Paulsen, Connect Charter Academy, The End of Diplomacy: Unexpected Betrayal   at Wounded Knee

Junior Division- Documentary – Group
1st  Irene Holmes, Rachel Jaco, and Adrian Herrera, Pueblo School of Arts and Sciences,  Success, Failures, and Consequences of the Ludlow Massacre
2nd  Kevin Ribarich and Jacob Sloan, Connect Charter Academy, The French and Indian  War: The Final Colonial Struggle
3rd  Emily Fair and Brittany Ibarra, Connect Charter Academy, The Declaration of  Independence: The Debate that Shook the World
Junior Division – Exhibits - Individual
1st  Kaeani Brekke, Connect, Preserving the Land: The Hetchy Debate and the Growth of  Environmentalism
2nd  Michael Padilla, Manzanola Junior High, Farm Worker Movement 1960s Cesar Chavez
3rd  Aaron Kinnischtzke, Swallows Charter Academy, Central/Centennial 1940

Junior Division – Exhibits - Group (All from Connect Charter School)
1st  Allie Trevizo, Ben Rush-Miller, Jacob Felthager, Sara Alexander, The School at  WeedPatch Camp: A Lesson in Cultural Diplomacy 
2nd  Kelsey Moore, Steven Rastrelli, Ryan McGowan, Riley Davis, The Death-Dealing Smog   of Donora 1948: Dispelling the Debate on Clean Air
3rd  Maddie Colarelli, Emma Robinson, Ian Miles, Barbed Wire Debate: The Devil’s Rope vs.  The Wild West
Senior Division – Exhibits - Individual
1st  Darby Spence, Pueblo West High School, The 19th Amendment
2nd Gabbie Potter, Pueblo West High School, Scopes Trial

Senior Division – Exhibits – Group
1st Haelie Compton, Anna Hildalgo, Pueblo West High School, Women’s Suffrage
2nd Emma Miles, Jessica Atilan, Erin Jensen, Pueblo West High School, Scopes Trial
3rd Jessica Moore, Rachel Coppock, Taylor Toman, Pueblo West, Margaret Sanger

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