Colorado State University - Pueblo continues to grow in enrollment, on-campus population

Colorado State University - Pueblo continues to grow in enrollment, on-campus population

PUEBLO – Colorado State University-Pueblo again reported significant enrollment and on-campus population milestones as part of its Fall 2010 census numbers following the 20th day of classes.
CSU-Pueblo achieved its third straight year of a 1,000+ freshman class, recorded its largest enrollment since 1984, and showed a 19 percent increase in occupancy of on-campus housing.
 While the 1,010 new freshmen represent a four percent decline over last year’s record-breaking 1,054 freshmen, the number of new freshman has increased a whopping sixty (60) percent since 2007. The ethnicity of the incoming freshman class was more diverse at 43 percent minority, compared to the overall student population at 37 percent.

Fall 2010 census numbers reflected an increase of two percent for overall enrolled headcount, from 5051 in Fall 2009 to 5145 (+94) in Fall 2010. Total full time equivalent (FTE) enrollment, upon which funding is based, increased 3.3 percent to 4343.9. The increase in FTE means that we have more students attending full time with full-time course loads. In fact, the number of undergraduate students taking a full course load (more than 12 credit hours) has increased in each of the last four years from 75% of the student body in Fall 2007 to 82 % in 2010.

Even better news for the University’s budget is that the largest enrollment increases were from non-resident students, who pay a higher rate of tuition. Enrollment increased more for non-resident (+83, or +15%) than for resident (+11, or +0%).  Enrollment was down slightly in the number of students from Pueblo County and Southern Colorado, but significant growth continued in the student populations from other Colorado counties (+22%) and other states (+19%).   
Over the last three years, the University has more than doubled its on-campus student population thanks to the opening of a new three-phase residence hall project. In 2007, about 400 students lived on campus, compared to the 916 students now housed in Belmont, Crestone, Culebra, and Greenhorn halls. An additional 125 upperclassmen live in the on-campus Walking Stick apartments leased by the University, and hundreds more have taken up residence in the privately held Wolf Village apartments near the southeast corner of the campus. 

The only losses by enrollment level were seen in the freshman class, with gains in the numbers of sophomores (+177, +21%), juniors (+52, +6%), seniors (+83, +8%), and graduate students

(+10, +3%).  The greatest gains by colleges were in the College of Engineering, Education, and Professional studies (+89, or +7%), and the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (+92, 5%).     
“I’m proud to say that based on our growth over the past three years, we’re definitely on track to reach our enrollment stretch goal of 5500 students by 2012,” said CSU-Pueblo President Joseph Garcia. “The increase in on-campus student population and student life offerings have boosted our retention rates for current students and brought an energy to campus that prospective students find hard to ignore.” 

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