CSU–Pueblo Pepsi Committee Awards 2007-08 Campus Grants

Four campus beautification projects totaling more than $17,762 will be completed at Colorado State University-Pueblo during the 2007-08 year thanks to funding provided by an exclusive campus vending contract with Pepsi.

A six-member committee accepts and reviews projects for the annual Pepsi Grants in order to assure a planned and equitable use of the $16,500 annual contribution received as part of Pepsi’s contract with the University to provide exclusive vending services. The Pepsi grants fund projects that are not supported by existing operational budgets and will create a positive and lasting impact on the campus or contribute to the ongoing beautification of the University’s public spaces. Committee members met this spring to review grant proposals against required criteria that include providing a broad benefit to the University, improving the physical appearance of the campus, creating a positive campus impact, and the ability to implement the project within a specified length of time

Nine grant proposals were received for the 2007-08 fiscal year with requests for funding totaling $62,263. The available amount of funding for 2007-08 is $17,805, which includes a carryover of unused funds from the 2006-07 fiscal year. The committee as a whole narrowed the field of eligible grants to four proposals and sought input from the Director of Facilities Management regarding the facilities impact and feasibility of these grants.

The following four proposals were selected for funding:

1. Restore the Sundial ($1,163). The Classified Staff Council submitted this grant request that involves the restoration of a highly visible landmark in the north segment of campus where foot traffic is expected to increase with the completion of the Massari Arena capital renewal project and the new Student Recreation Center.

2. Pole Banner Project ($2,199). This proposal will add External Pole Banners to the west side of campus, to match the banners hanging on the poles on the east side of the campus, which were funded by the President’s Office a couple of years ago. The Committee felt that the existing banners provide a favorable impression of the campus and a sense of pride for students, faculty and staff.

3. Administration Building Main Entrance Upgrade ($3,500). This project seeks to beautify the main entrance and hallways of the Administration Building utilizing artwork, furnishing, and planters. Further study by the committee led to matching funds of $2,500 from the University’s Renew and Replacement Fund to include two photographic murals on the entrance walls and a design that would not impede traffic flow. The murals will feature campus activities and students to support the Visitor Center and student administrative functions that are housed off the common area that the grant will address.

4. Display Cases in the Life Sciences Building ($10,900). This project addressed a desire for quality display cases to house exhibits throughout the year in the Life Sciences building atrium. The student-member Tri Beta and Biology Clubs have pledged to maintain the exhibits. The grant proposal did not address the electrical needs to light the display cases, which will be met by a $1,500 match from the University.

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