CSU–Pueblo announces winners of women’s poetry contest

Female poets from throughout Southern Colorado recently competed in the 13th annual Women’s Poetry Contest sponsored by the Colorado State University – Pueblo Women’s Studies Program and Department of English and Foreign Languages. The winners were announced at the annual Evening of Women’s Poetry at CSU-Pueblo on March 19 at CSU-Pueblo. The contest, judged by poet Veronica Patterson of Loveland, consisted of four divisions – middle school, high school, college, and open.

Winners in each division received $25 (1st place), $15 (2nd place), and $10 (3rd place). Winning Entries, including honorable mentions, will be published in Volumes 9 (College and Open Divisions) and 10 (Middle and High School Divisions) of the Southern Colorado Women’s Poetry Series, scheduled for publication in March 2008.

Winners in the various divisions were:

1st Place – Katie Rhodes, The Colorado Springs School, for “God’s Gift” and “A World Away”
2nd Place – Erin Thompson, The Colorado Springs School, “ “If Only for a Moment”
3rd Place – Keila Gutierrez, The Colorado Springs School, “La Fashionista”
Honorable Mentions:
Isabel Diawara, Heaton Middle School, Pueblo, “If I Were in Charge of the World”
Amaya Rodriquez, The Colorado Springs School, “6 Haikus”
Mimi Diawara, Heaton Middle School, “Fake Best Friend” and “Tornado”

1st Place, Emiliana Pando, Central High School, Pueblo, “Place me in a Studio”
2nd Place, Shay Mills, Central High School, Pueblo, “Only In a Mother’s Womb”
3rd Place, Holly Resnick, Calhan High School, Falcon, Colorado, “My Heart is Raining”

1st Place, Joette Ucar, “Red’s Tab,” CSU-Pueblo
2nd Place, Kiersten Yanni, “A Picture of my Mother as a Girl,” CSU-Pueblo
3rd Place, Juliana Fatula, Canon City, “Bilateral Mammogram,” CSU-Pueblo
Honorable mention (College Division):
Alexandra Massam, “Twisted,” CSU-Pueblo
Jordana Lynch, “Eastern Paris,” “Tree Pruning,” “The Story of Binh, Lan, and Chieu,”
Katie Rice, “Want” and “Thermopolis,” CSU-Pueblo

1st Place, Sandy Hudock, Pueblo, “January, Bringing Water for the Horses”
2nd Place, Lynn Kay, Pueblo, “Mother and Father in the Afterlife”
3rd Place: Lynette Leivers, Pueblo, “Neverness” and “Driving Home”
Honorable mention:
Maggie Honton, Pueblo, “Freudian Slips”
Karen Emanuelson, Colorado Springs, “If the Invitation Comes” and “Borzoi”

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