Campus Events

Event Title:Community Partner Speaker Series - Pueblo Urban Renewal Authority
Location:LARC 108
Start Time:1/25/2013 2:30 PM
End Time:1/25/2013 3:30 AM

​Please join us for our exciting January event!

Establish a new partnership, connect with a local leader, and learn about community-based research opportunities & other potential community engagement initiatives.

About the speaker: 

Mr. John R. Batey, AICP has served as Executive Director of the Pueblo Urban Renewal Authority since September 7, 2010.  Mr. Batey has over 17 years of experience in the areas of community development, affordable housing, urban planning, state and local government administration and high-level policy analysis, including positions with the State of Colorado Governor’s Office, the Palm Beach County Department of Housing and Community Development, West Palm Beach, Florida, and the Broward County Housing Finance and Community Development Division, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Mr. Batey holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of Colorado at Boulder and a Master of Arts degree in Political Science with a minor in Public Administration, from Florida Atlantic University.  Mr. Batey is a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners.

About the Organization:

The Pueblo Urban Renewal Authority (PURA) was established in 1959 to promote the revitalization of Pueblo. The Executive Director and 11-member board identifies areas with little or no investment and creates a plan to stimulate the neighborhood through various redevelopment projects. To date, Urban Renewal has a total of nine project areas. PURA participates in development projects either by offering direct incentives to private developers or by investing in public improvements in designated project areas. Project areas have a 25-year life, and are approved by Pueblo City Council. Project programs are diverse and range from streetscape improvements to art investment, and from new development to job creation.


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