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Learn how to capture the attention and interest of employers within 20 seconds.
The following links show samples of several different types of letters to use in your job search.

Résumé Basics
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From Interview to Offer: a Timeline to Getting a Job

Student Jobs

Explains part-time on-campus and off-campus student employment

Career and Job Search Guides

In addition to meeting with Career Center staff, the use of online job search tools is essential to your career success. Here are a few additional sites we recommend you use to explore your options:

Resources for Veterans

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Federal Employment

Searching and applying for Federal employment opportunities is sometimes a difficult process. We encourage you to take advantage of the Career Center's ongoing workshops on this topic. The best search avenue for our students and alumni to consider is the entry-level internship opportunities within the many different agencies. Besides each of thes individual agency's websites, here are a few additional sites you may want to include in your search:




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