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Emergency Text Messaging

CSU-Pueblo StudentStay safe! Be prepared! And keep informed with Colorado State University – Pueblo’s new “CSU-Pueblo ALERT” emergency notification and warning system.  This program includes an emergency cellular phone text messaging alert service, which is available to all students, faculty, and staff who register.  In the event of an emergency or unexpected closing of the university, a text message will be sent to all enrolled cell phones.

This new text messaging alert system will supplement the university’s current emergency communication system, which includes an intercom system, bulk emails, public address speakers by the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office, the CSU-Pueblo radio station, news and media releases and the CSU-Pueblo home page website.  Each CSU-Pueblo ALERT communication method will work in conjunction with the others to ensure the widest notification of the campus community possible. 

CSU-Pueblo StudentsAll participants will be required to register to receive the emergency text messaging service and will be responsible for updating their personal cell phone numbers in the event their contact information changes.  It may take up to 72 hours for your cell phone number to become active in the Emergency Notification System. Your cellular service provider's standard rates for receiving text messages may apply.  Participation in this program is voluntary.  The use of the emergency text messaging system is restricted and will be used solely in the event of an emergency or an urgent situation, and for periodic system tests. 

Please note: Carriers often block text messages for new numbers, ported numbers, and billing issues. If you have verified the registered cell phone number is correct and you do not receive the once a semester test message, you will need to check with your carrier that your number is not deactivated from receiving subscription text messaging from short codes.

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