Policy Timeline

Curriculum and Academic Programs Board Program Review Policy Timeline

Note: All dates are NLT (NOT LATER THAN) the indicated day

Academic Year Prior to Review:

January 15

CAPB initial notification to departments

February 1

Optional Chair request for alteration

February 15

Dean Considers alteration request

March 1

CAPB considers alteration request

March 15

Provost considers alteration request

March 31

CAPB Chair briefs chairs and deans

Academic Year of Review:

September 15

Chair submits self study draft to Dean
Provost selects external reviewer
 in consultation with Dean and Chair

October 1

Dean comments on self study draft
Seminar Panel selected

October 15

Chair submits final self study to dean

November 1

Dean forwards self study to external reviewer and seminar panel

November 15

External reviewer visits campus

December 15

External reviewer submits report to dean
Dean forwards external report to chair and seminar panel

30 days prior

Dean schedules seminar panel meeting

7 days prior

Panel submits questions to chair

January 31

Seminar Panel convenes

February 5

Dean sends draft to Seminar Panel members
CAPB notifies units of review schedule

February 8

Dean report and Action Plan to CAPB

February 15 - Mar 31

CAPB evaluates program review, external report, Dean's report

1st April Senate Meeting

CAPB Chair submits final report to senate

Last Senate Meeting

Faculty Senate votes

July Meeting of Board

Provost summary to Board of Governors for approval