Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable
Sarah Lowell
Phone: 719.549.2238
Location: Adm-212

Check Requests

Check requisitions are entered by the ordering department. Upon approval, the requisition is processed as a check request by the purchasing department: Turn around time by the purchasing staff is normally the same day the paperwork is received. The check request is forwarded to Accounts Payable for the actual check processing.
Remember that a check request:Violin Statue

  1. Is not a purchasing function, but merely an electronic processing function within the AIS system at the present time, and are always subject to approval by the Accounts Payable section.
  2. Must have appropriate documentation.
  3. At the option of the purchasing staff may be turned into a purchase order.
  4. Should never be processed "after the fact" for goods purchased. Check requests submitted for goods, except in very rare situations, must be processed as purchase orders. "After the fact" purchase requisitions for the check request will be reported to the appropriate department head and processed as a purchase order by the purchasing staff. All documentation and appropriate purchase order will be returned to the department for processing.

Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders are placed by the purchasing department.

  1. Under $5000.00 does not require a formal bidding procedure.
  2. Over $5000.00, but less than $25000.00 requires documented quotes on the state BIDS system. Normal turn around time should average seven days.
  3. Over $25000.00 requires formal bidding procedures placed on the state BIDS system. Normal turn around time averages 20 days, depending upon the amount of money involved and the complexity of the specifications.

For maintenance agreements and blanket purchase orders, please sign in the received by row and return a copy of the purchase order to the Accounts Payable section in Accounting. They will then pay any invoice that come in for that purchase order.

For consulting agreements, it will be the requester's responsibility to return a copy of the purchase order, one week prior to the date the check is needed, to the Accounting office. If multiple payments are needed:

  1. Sign one of the received by boxes.
  2. Make a copy of the purchase order.
  3. Send the copy to Accounts Payable.
  4. Hold onto a copy of the purchase order.
  5. Continue this process until the last payment.
  6. On the last payment, return the purchase order to Accounts Payable. This will liquidate the purchase order fully.

Inter-Departmental Vouchers

Inter-departmental vouchers (IDV's) are payment between departments on campus. This form is 3-ply and when completed, all pages should be sent to Accounts Payable. Accounts payable will enter the charges and then send your department their copy. The buying and selling departments should fill out account numbers in full (fund-dept-code) before sending the IDV to Accounts Payable. Be sure authorized signatures have been completed. The charges will show on your month-end Detail Budget Report.
Interdepartmental Voucher

Travel Reimbursement

The University's policy is to reimburse employees for necessary and reasonable travel expenses incurred for authorized and approved University business. Travelers should be comfortable while traveling, understand all travel related policies, and obtain reimbursement quickly. Upon completion of travel, a travel reimbursement voucher must be submitted to obtain reimbursement for approved travel expenses.

Airline tickets purchased for approved travel by University employees must be purchased through our state approved travel agencies.  They are Navigant in Colorado Springs, Colorado and Boulder Travel in Boulder Colorado.  To purchase airline tickets you need to have an approved travel request and reference the T-number with the travel agencies.  The agencies will then charge the tickets to our University Ghost Credit Card and payment will be made through Accounts Payable before the tickets are purchased or travel has begun. Travel Request and Travel Advance forms can be picked up in Accounts Payable office (Adm 211).
Travel Reimbursement

This policy is intended to:

  1. Ensure compliance with state and federal regulations.
  2. Establish guidelines for approval, control and accounting for employees who travel on University business.
  3. Ensure fairness for both the traveler and the University.
Colorado State Travel Management Program

Travel Credit Card

Employees that travel frequently for University business should apply (through Purchasing) for a University travel card.  Charges for travel including meals, hotels, car rental, etc. can and should be charged to the Travel Card.  The employee is responsible for payment of the Travel Card - but reimbursement will be made to the employee from Accounts Payable as soon as an approved travel reimbursement form and accompanying receipts are submitted to Accounts Payable.

Official Function Forms

All requests for state funds that are used for food, meetings, or beverages need to be accompanied by an Official Function Form. The form must be filled out and sent for proper approval before the event. If you personally have paid for expenses at a function, the Official Function Form will be sent back to you to be attached with your receipts to a requisition requesting reimbursement. If an event was done on campus - the Official Function Form will be sent to Auxiliary Services for completion of the transaction. Generally any food, beverage or meeting expenses on campus are covered by the rules for official functions and require higher level approval of Responsible Approver.
Purchasing Website: Official Functions