All About CSU-Pueblo


The following are the members of the Steering Committee of the Institutional Effectiveness Committee:

Erin J. Frew, Co-Chair
Rick Huff, Co-Chair
Mel Druelinger, Graduate Programs Assessment
Derek Lopez, First Year & Tutoring
William Folkestad, Undergraduate Programs Assessment
Scott Robertshaw, Support Services
Roy Sonnema, Planning & Program Review
Leticia Steffen, General Education & Voluntary System of Accountability
Katie Velarde, Student Entry & Exit
Marjorie Villani, Student Affairs
Jennifer Torres, Information Technology
Isaiah McGregory, Student

The following are the members of the IEC sub-committees:

First Year & Advising

Derek Lopez, Chair
Pamela Chambers, Advising Council
Sean McGivney, Student Financial Services 

Student Affairs

Marjorie Villani, Student Affairs
Rhonda Uber, Residence Life and Housing
Patty Witkowsky, Student Life 

General Education & Voluntary System of Accountability

Leticia Steffen, Chair
Paul Chacon, CSM
Roger Clark, CEEPS
Erin Frew, Assistant Provost for Assessment & Student Learning
Rhonda Gonzales, Library
Yoanna Long, HSB
Katie Velarde, Registrar
Julie Fronmueller, Library

Planning & Program Review

Roy Sonnema, Chair
Carol Foust, Exercise Science & Health Promotion
Richard Kreminski, CSM
Michael Wakefield, HSB 

Student Entry & Exit

Katie Velarde, Chair
Michelle Gjerde, Career Center
Louis Minatta, Records
Tracy Samora, Alumni Relations
Dana Trujillo, Admissions
Cora Zaletel, External Affairs
Emily King, Foundation

Support Services

Scott Robertshaw, Chair
Craig Cason, Facilities
Ramon Garcia, Auxiliary Services
Samantha Hernandez, Campus Security
Niki Whitaker, Internal Collegial Sports

Academic Program Assessment

William Folkestad, Co-Chair
Leticia Steffen, Co-Chair
Carol Foust, CEEPS
Margie Massey, TEP
Frank Zizza, CSM
Erin Frew, Assistant Provost for Assessment and Student Learning
Leticia Steffen and William Folkestad, CHASS
Steve Norman, HSB

Information Technologies

Jennifer Torres, IT