Write-In Candidate


 How to Run as a Write-In Candidate

If you are interested in running for a position in ASG, you will need to run as a "Write-In Candidate". Write-in candidates will not be listed on the ballot. If you do not register with Student Servicess by April 8th at 4:00 pm, any votes cast for you will not be counted.  For more information concerning running as a write-in candidate, please refer to the Election Code.

To run as a "Write-In Candidate" please pick up a packet from the Student Services Office, OUC 003 or call 549-2586 for more information.  


Election Code 

Due April 1st, by 4:00pm


To vote for a Write-In candidate, you must type their name when casting your ballot.  The name must be typed under the office in which they are eligible to run.  No vote will be counted by simply typing in the name of a party.  No vote will be counted if the name is typed in the wrong position.