Infraction of the Rules


Section 13: Infraction of the Rules

13.01    Any member of the Association may file a grievance of any infraction of the Election Code.

13.02   The grievance will follow the following route to determine legitimacy:

    • A -  Chair
    • B -  Election Commission
    • C - CSU-Pueblo Student Judicial Affairs Administrator or Dean of Student Life only if the infraction is a disciplinary matter
    • D - ASG Judicial Branch

13.03   All grievances shall be as follows:

    • A - Submitted in writing
    • B - Presented to the Chair within twenty-four (24) hours of the alleged infraction.

13.04   Upon receipt of a grievance, the Chair will:

    • A -  Notify the alleged party of the infraction.
    • B -  Investigate the perceived infraction.
    • C - Render a decision or refer to the Election Commission.
    • D - Provide a written response to the Griever(s) of the decision.

13.05    Upon receipt of a grievance, the Election Commission will:

    • A -  Fully investigate the perceived infraction.
    • B - Take one of the following actions:
      • i - Dismiss the reported charges.
      • ii - Issue an injunction(s).
      • iii - Disqualify the candidate(s) against whom the charge was made.
      • iv - Call the election “no contest” and call for a new election.
      • v - If other action is required refer to the CSU-Pueblo Student Judicial Affairs Administrator or Dean of Student Services and Enrollment Management.
    • C -   Provide a written response to the Griever(s) of their decision.

13.06  The Judicial Branch is always available to students’ grievances.  The Court will follow its established procedures.

13.07  Non-adherence to stated time parameters do not of themselves necessarily invalidate either a General or Special election process.

13.08  If a member of the Association feels that there is a valid reason to grieve the election process, such a grievance should be handled as would any other infraction.