Senator At Large - Candidate 6

Denys Frolkov

DenysWhy are you interested in the position you are seeking?  

I would like to be a senator to better represent the students and have their voices heard. I want to be a part of changing this school for the better, for both students and faculty. Students have a lot of great ideas and I would like to be able to help see them through.

Leadership Roles

 I have had several leadership roles on projects throughout my classes. When I take a leadership role, I am a perfectionist and I make sure that everything is completed in the most efficient and proper manner.


If elected, I will: 1) Refocus, re-energize, and if necessary, restructure ASG to better represent the students of CSU-Pueblo in a way they can be proud of. 2) Bring a change to the horrid cafeteria food. There needs to be higher quality, more variety, and less expensive options. 3) Begin to change and build CSU-Pueblo’s recruiting/retention efforts to secure CSU-Pueblo’s growth and to help create a thriving university for both current and future students.    

Honors and Awards

In all the time I’ve been at CSU-P, I have been on the Dean’s List for every semester. I have also been invited to join Beta Gamma Sigma, which is a business oriented, international honor society.  


I have been a part of several groups, mainly marketing club and accounting club as they are groups related to my major. I have also been a part of ASG in previous semesters and worked on a few projects. I love being involved in the Outdoor Pursuits programs as they are very beneficial in team building and acquiring new skills, as well as meeting new people.