Student Fee Governing Board

The Student Fee Governing Board (SFGB) is the body at Colorado State University-Pueblo responsible for recommending Permanent Student Purpose Fees, including the activities portion of the Student Affairs Fee.  The SFGB shall also review requests for new, elimination of existing or changes in existing, campus-wide Permanent Student Purpose Fees. 

Student Fee Governing Board meets weekly, in the ASG Chambers (OUC 201).




The SFGB shall have 10 members as follows:

1.      The Associated Students’ Government (ASG) President shall appoint six fee paying students to serve as voting members of the Board.  One of these students shall be elected by SFGB to serve as the Vice Chairperson.  Each student shall serve a one (1) year term as a member of SFGB, from the date of appointment.

2.      The Senior Student Services Officer, or designee shall serve as the Chair of the SFGB (non-voting member).

3.      One faculty/staff member appointed by the Provost (voting member).

4.      One faculty/staff member appointed by the Vice President for Finance and Administration (voting member).

5.      One faculty/staff member appointed by the Senior Student Services Officer (voting member).